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Founded by Hannah Lipman in 1991, Hannah Lipman Associates, Inc. is a premier provider of retained executive search services. HLA, Inc. has a distinguished record of consistently delivering superior client service. The firm’s staffing solution philosophy includes a thorough understanding of business needs and organizational culture with outstanding research and candidate development capabilities. Learn more about who we are.

Our Executive Search and Research Services

Search assignments include a broad array of functional areas including general management, human resources, information technology, sales and marketing, research and development, finance, operations, and other sub-specialties. HLA also conducts ongoing C-Suite talent searches, primarily for the equity investment market.

Full Service Executive Search

We have a deep active network of relationships with top executives and leaders across many industries that has evolved over the past 25 years giving us a cutting-edge advantage as we begin each new search. Our clients value our integrity, ethics, insight and timely completion of our work. Candidates trust us to bring them opportunities that represent a good fit with their capabilities and ambitions. Nearly three quarters of our assignments are for clients for whom we have done previous work.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Consulting with your organization’s leaders and managers to create specific role portraits for each search
  • Competitor research
  • Industry-based or functional candidate identification and development
  • Candidate screening, assessment and presentation
  • Reference checking
  • Consulting with staffing professionals on offer design and presentation
  • 1 year guarantee

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Unbundled Research Services

We offer unbundled search services to some of our corporate clients who have multiple senior level roles open over an extended period of time. We also offer our name generation and candidate development services to a few select boutique search firms. We customize our services to what our clients need on an hourly basis or a project basis. The services offered in our unbundled research service are:

  • Name generation
  • Candidate development
  • Reference checking
  • Competitive intellegence

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A few of our clients….

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A few of our clients have said…

Aon_Hewitt_Logo“Hannah Lipman and her staff have been the crucial difference in our meeting our recruiting needs for almost 15 years! Regardless of whether we are looking for professional or leadership roles, she has an excellent grasp of our people, culture, and work environment… and of the external candidate market. Her firm has quickly and successfully delivered talent to us throughout North America, and that includes Canada.”

North America Consulting Leader


“I have worked with Hannah and her associates closely for the past 5 years and have been consistently delighted at their ability to find top flight candidates who are also the right cultural fit. Hannah’s firm has completed 22 placements of professional and leadership level HR people for Cisco, and the performance and retention of all the candidates she placed with us has been outstanding. In addition, Hannah and team have worked extremely well with a multitude of people internally who needed to be involved. They consistently know the mindset of the candidates and helped us to make the correct placement. hannah’s team also makes a point to stay in touch with the candidates they place, which has been very helpful in assuring an effective transition into the company. I do not hesitate to give the highest possible recommendation for Hannah and her team. Anyone looking for a great partner, who will understands your culture and enhance your ability to get the best staff, should look no further than Hannah Lipman Associates.”

Human Resources Senior Vice President


I have had the unique pleasure of working with Hannah Lipman Associates as both a candidate and as a client.  I have known Hannah professionally for more than eight years.  I was introduced to her as a successful candidate in an executive search assignment Hannah was working on for Bayer Corporation.

I was impressed with her professionalism and thorough assessment process.  After I took on my new role as Human Resources Directory within Bayer Corporation, I selected Hannah to do executive search work for me.  I was impressed with her unique ability to not only identify talent, but also find the best match between candidate and position.  Hannah has the uncanny ability to identify the intangible aspects of a position that are so important in making the best match.  These include her ability to understand and consider the culture of the workplace and the personality and leadership style of the hiring manager.  Reflective of Hannah’s ability to make that best match, I reference my own experience with her and her company.  Approximately eight years ago Hannah matched four executives with positions in Bayer.  To this day, three of those four remain with the company.  All four remained with the company more than five years and all five received multiple promotions and have moved to positions of greater responsibility.

I fully endorse Hannah and her company and I will continue to seek her out for personal counsel on employment issues as well as executive search opportunities.

VP, Global Change Management

SMS Brands

I have worked with Hannah and her associates for several years performing searches for a private equity fund’s portfolio company managements.  In every engagement Hannah and her associates’ performances were outstanding.

1. Speed… I usually had a full cadre of candidates in 30 days, enabling me to interview and select the finalists in 60 days and have the successful candidate report for duty in 90 days or less.

2. Efficiency… I rarely spoke with a candidate who was not qualified.  They did an excellent job of screening given the spec and personal qualities required of the candidates.  They listened carefully to my input and stuck to it during their conversations.

3. Quality… I was always thankful for their emphasis on quality.  I rarely interviewed a candidate who was not on target personally and professionally… They were able to separate the wheat from the chaff in one or two telephone calls.

4. Responsiveness… They were always very quick to reach to my requests during a search.  Moreover, as I fed back to them the results of my interviews with possible candiates, they incorporated my input into their own efforts allowing us to field appropriate candidates very quickly.

They are clearly an A+ group…

Managing Partner


“Hannah’s skills in consultation, listening and developing a deep knowledge of her clients, their businesses and the people who will thrive in their environments make her an excellent business partner. She is a recruiter who is interested in developing long term relationships, vs. just “making a placement”. Her network is fantastic, her candidate identification skills are strong, and she partners with all levels at her client to understand their needs, get to know them as individuals, and then identify people who will succeed in both the role and the organization. She also maintains contact with her candidates after they are placed to provide feedback, to maximize the success of the individual in the new role, and to further her knowledge of the organization for future work. I highly recommend and strongly endorse Hannah’s work.”

National Talent Director


“I have known Hannah now for almost 12 years, both on the client side as well as a candidate. I’ve also work with many recruiters and by far, Hannah and her team have proven to be the best at delivering quality candidates who have been thoroughly screened and fit the level of performance and experience we expect to find. She spends an extensive amount of time understanding the business environment, the position and what we were looking for in a successful candidate. On the flip side, she takes the necessary time to pre-screen and assess the candidates. This was incredibly helpful as she was able to secure very strong candidates for us to meet. I would personally recommend Hannah and her team any day of the week.”

Executive Rewards Leader

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 10.54.52 PM

“Hannah was introduced to me by a trusted advisor. Her work in helping me find a Chief Financial Officer at my previous company was one of the best recruiting experiences in my career. From the outset, in helping write the position description, to screening candidates, providing assessments and scheduling calls/meetings, her firm was always on target. The search concluded successfully, at a reasonable cost and without having to compromise the quality of service I received. I would hire her again the moment a need arises.”

Chief Executive Officer

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 10.56.35 PM

“We engaged Hannah for a search to find a senior level leader and I found working with her was a pleasure. Not only was she the ultimate professional, but made working with her on the search effortless. She actively listened to our needs and responded quickly with candidates that fit the bill. I would recommend her highly.”

President, Americas


“Hannah and her firm brought us excellent candidates specific to our needs and criteria, within a relatively small pool of available talent. Would highly recommend her services.”

Managing Partner